Quiet, Structured and Graphic

During a busy shoot in West London I shot a large range of office images from my clients image library. I shot them with a very calm eye, finding graphic compositions, shapes and structure. Here are a few.

About iaincrockart

Professional photographer who also documents adventures from the seat of a motorbike.
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4 Responses to Quiet, Structured and Graphic

  1. tigerclaws says:

    Really like it Lian… esp. the graphic and minimalistic composition.
    I was wondering though, if the people involved were models or real business people? And if this is posed / casual on-the-spot shoot?



  2. Kate Anthony says:

    This is so brilliant. A. I love the photos B. I love the unique idea of not only creating a “best of” collage of the shoot, but also including the comment from your client. C. You did a great job making this assignment creative! Very nice work!


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