Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree….

I think we can now assume that Christmas is well and truly over.

This is a rather forlorn but common sight in the area I live.

Happy New Year.

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Professional photographer who also documents adventures from the seat of a motorbike.
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4 Responses to Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree….

  1. Oh no, thats horrible. In Italy this year they have promoted the replanting of all cut Christmas trees. I find it a great initiative (for those who can’t refrain themselves from the cruelty of cutting trees). Other countries should do so too..


  2. The Hook says:

    Good eye, my friend!


  3. This Christmas the family I was staying with in Austria had a live Fir tree in a pot which was planted earlier in the year. Once spring comes, it will be replanted in the forest.
    It’s a lovely way of doing it and I feel many families would opt for living trees, paying extra for them to be picked up from home post Christmas and planted in a forest or a local green area.


  4. Ooh I feel sorry for that Christmas tree. Poor little guy! We replant them often. Great image though.


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