Spitti Valley. Himachel Pradesh. Northern India. Himalayas

I took this photograph recently when I was documenting another adventure in the Himalayas, this time we were taking 18 retired or serving UK military personnel who were wheelchair users or PTSD sufferers. We traveled by jeep and motorbike with and without sidecars. The trip was a test to see the positive effect it might have. The results were incredible. This is also my favourite valley in the world, I have been fortunate to pass through it 3 times, each time at a different time of the year and at a different hour.  A friend of mine was the film maker… if you have a few minutes to watch his short film you will not be dissappointed.

About iaincrockart

Professional photographer who also documents adventures from the seat of a motorbike.
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19 Responses to Spitti Valley. Himachel Pradesh. Northern India. Himalayas

  1. Cousin Blue says:

    Lovely. Some great shots there with the film. How was it riding a Royal Enfield through the Himalayas, any problems with it?


    • iaincrockart says:

      Thank you… the Bullet is a brilliant bike for the terrain, we had nobbly tyres put on the wheels, plus we travel with mechanics which helps… punctures, flooded carbs, bent bits is most of the problems… but that is the beauty of an Enfield… easy to repair.


  2. Abhay Bhat says:

    Excellent pictures and filmography!! My uncle owns a Royal Enfield Bullet since 30yrs. Still shines like a jewel. Thanks for the wonderful post.

    Visit Hamsadhvani


  3. Hey…wonderful b&w pics also viewed the spitti valley…how l envy you it’s very different from my valley! great adventures, great pics! well done.


  4. Amazing, I enjoyed the vicarious experience immensely! The music you chose was the perfect frame…


  5. Rajkishore says:

    absolutely stunning !!! thanks for sharing 🙂


  6. pxnewton says:

    Stunning, stark, vibrant, beautiful….. earth, life, awesome!!!!
    Love the music – what was the tune?


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  8. niasunset says:

    Himalayas my dream mountain… How much I love. Thank you for sharing with us, the photographs and the film were amazing, I felt myself in there… I can’t explain how impressed me… This is great travel. Blesssing and Happiness, with my love, nia


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  10. Not only was I NOT disappointed with your friend’s film, I was awestruck by it–by the nobility of the purpose of the trip, by the stunning vistas, by the cinematography, by the smiling human faces. Your still photo captures in one iconic image the communion with nature you all must have felt on the trip.


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  12. Anca V. - Romania says:

    The movie is beautiful… Simply beautiful.


  13. That picture is a-ma-zing. The video is cool to have as a memory. Great job on both of them! Would love to go to the Himalayas some day.


  14. rastaphoto says:

    Such a nice initiative. A car accident has made my body a little less useful than it used to be. I still keep on traveling but could you tell me approximately how long this kind of trip takes.


  15. namitalad says:

    amazing video…thanks for the virtual trip to this wonderful place


  16. no words to because it’s beauty beyond any desription


  17. Nina says:

    Looks better than Long Way Round:)


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