Wales, 2 days off road motorbiking. A short film.

About iaincrockart

Professional photographer who also documents adventures from the seat of a motorbike.
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4 Responses to Wales, 2 days off road motorbiking. A short film.

  1. dannyllama says:

    Fantastic Iain, makes me want to jump on a dirt bike. What helmet cam did you use ? I tried attaching an MD80 micro cam to my motorbike during the Vietnam tour. It’s still there…somewhere 😦


    • iaincrockart says:

      Thanks Danny, I use a GoPro… tough waterproof and the newer versions are even better. They have a good FaceBook page… your Vietnam adventure sounds interesting… most people leave just their hearts in Vietnam… have you written about it?


      • dannyllama says:

        Hi Iain

        I may try to pick a GoPro up. I am in the US at the moment so will grab one before my return to Blighty.

        Yes, I blogged each day about my Vietnam adventure. Riding a motorbike there pushed my skills to the absolute limits, and a couple of times I thought that was it !

        Take a look at

        Your recent Enfield trip/blog was inspiring mate,


      • iaincrockart says:

        if you do have an opportunity to buy in the USA do…. about half price to UK…. I’ll take a look at you blog too. Thanks… happy travels.


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