Raindrops on a window.

Sometimes, a moment most ordinary, becomes a thing of playful graphic abstraction.

About iaincrockart

Professional photographer who also documents adventures from the seat of a motorbike.
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5 Responses to Raindrops on a window.

  1. wow ,simply stunning.


  2. dannyllama says:

    Iain, wonderful shot. Pray tell how did you do this ?


    • iaincrockart says:

      Hi Danny, it’s pretty simple really but you do need and SLR rather than a compact camera.
      First is to select a short depth of field, say f2, get close to the window and whack it out of focus, there is a point where the raindrops become the hexagonal type shapes of the aperture inside the camera and appear crisp. Work best when light is shining through the water droplets. Hope this helps.




  3. Your gift is being able to see what you’re looking at.


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