I created this image as a personal response to our 2015 General Election, just over 13 months ago … sadly it seems even more appropriate today.

www.iaincrockart.com POLITICS 2015

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Given enough pressure…

NOTHING IS immovable


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Motorbikes in motion

A few shots from The Malle Mile yesterday, the philosophy of the gathering… bikes are meant to be ridden, all sorts attempted the hill climb, road bikes (nb: road tyres – they don’t work so well off road), dirt bikes, lambrettas, customs, harleys, BMW’s, Husqvarna’s, Bultacos, that frame with that engine mixed with that tank, wrap them pipes in tape, kick it, bump it, rev it etc, but do it in a “gentlemanly” manner… ‪#‎Mallemile‬ ‪#‎boltlondon‬

www.iaincrockart.com Malle Mile 2016-4835www.iaincrockart.com Malle Mile 2016-4888www.iaincrockart.com Malle Mile 2016-4936www.iaincrockart.com Malle Mile 2016-4874www.iaincrockart.com Malle Mile 2016-4867

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Ricki Hall: The Shave Off

I shot this short film for a friend who possesses one of the modelling worlds most famous beards… and he’s shaving it off to raise money for a cancer charity, a cancer that took his father last year. If Radiohead see this or their lawyers… hope this is ok… it’s for a great cause. If you would like to make a donation please go to justgiving.com/fundraising/rickisamhall Ricki would appreciate it as would the Mesothelioma UK Charitable Trust.

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When Nature creates it’s very own Andy Goldsworthy.

Stumbled across this rather unusual and rather beautiful water filled shakehole on the magnificent Brecon Beacons not far from Llangynidr.

A shakehole is a depression in the limestone landscape. In some limestone areas there is a covering of boulder clay about two or three metres thick. Shakeholes are formed where surface water washes the boulder clay down into cracks or fissures in the limestone under the boulder clay. Normally the shakeholes are just mysterious deep grass covered holes.


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On set shots. Ricki Hall – Booze and Baccy Eau De Parfum Launch Film.

A weekend of shooting on set of a cracking little film to launch Ricki Hall’s / Captain Fawcett’s Booze and Baccy Eau De Parfum (out summer 2016). Ricki Hall, tattoo’s, East London, Harley Davidson 48, epic leather jacket, sharp suit, night shooting… what’s not to like. Filmed by the awesome crew from @roamandseek. Can’t wait to see it… or smell it for that matter.

Iain Crockart-0082Iain Crockart-0115Iain Crockart-9801Iain Crockart-0099Iain Crockart-0088Iain Crockart-0083

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“It is not a lie to keep the truth to oneself”

I saw an invitation on Facebook a few months ago, from a group called ’26’, they are a writers’ collective and their ambition is to spread ideas about the joy of language and good writing and get the wider world to have a better appreciation of words and language in everyday use.

They were looking for artists/photographers/print makers etc to volunteer to work with a writer to visualise one of 26 lies. The project was called, rather appropriately 26 Lies.

Each of the 26 pairings were given a Lie to bring to life. I was lucky to work with an old friend Martin Lee and we were very lucky to receive an intriguing Lie from Star Trek’s Mr. Spock.

“It is not a lie to keep the truth to oneself” Mr. Spock

We met at a rather fine ale house to talk about the meaning of the Lie we had been given and discuss how we might bring it to life. In truth we have quite a few pints of pale ale, and this may be a reason for the route we finally chose. A scenario was imagined, it was a brief and fleeting moment on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise, and it was one of suppressed love. We thought it worked when we were a little inebriated and more importantly the next day when we were sober.

Martin wrote the wonderful, and if any lawyers are reading this, fictional dialogue between these two galactic heavyweights. The most lifelike action figures I could find were purchased and the scene was set for creating our rather touching, graphic novel, photo story inspired solution.

The Final Frontier 26 Lies-low res


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